State Of The Union (My version)

October 22nd, 2009

The way I see it today’s politician is the lowest form of life. “By The People For The People” is just a dream in today’s society. The mere concept of a lifetime politician breeds contempt. Those of the “Golden Spoon” trying to relate to us regular folk and deciding what is good for this country.

I am neither Democrat or Republican. Although I do tend to lean a bit right as I do have a brain. The entitlement mindset of the left will have us all wearing Kimono’s and picking rice before long. Come on, how long can we continue to run the deficit up to levels that soon numbers will be unable to track. (At least the common man will be unable to pronounce the number). Common sense dictates this must stop.

But the division in this country is at an all time high. The airwaves are packed with people touting the right vs. the left. The country and our well being are secondary at best. And “We The People” are a thing of the past. Come on people…Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid…These people have never done or accomplished anything in their entire miserable lives. Had John McCain won then at least we would have had a leader with real world experience. But McCain is not a politician. He has integrity. He is an honest soldier who fought for his country. Barack Obama hates America and what it stands for. Apologizing to the canadian casino news world and kissing the world’s ass.

We need a leader who has met a payroll. A leader who has been through the trials and tribulations of making things work. Not someone who consistently blames George Bush and Fox news for his daily blunders. Allan Grayson calling Republicans “The Enemy”…This stupid bastard should be taken to prison to meet Bubba. The level of corruption in Washington is beyond the scope of most Americans. Or the world for that matter. It may be worse (and I think it is elsewhere), but I live in America and I am pissed off.

They all spend 95+% of their time blaming the other side for what they all created. Republicans and Democrats. They all suck. Let them step out in the real world where what they do has an effect on how they are treated. They spend their entire efforts on getting re-elected. And it is on our dime. How often does a politician lie…only when their lips move.

Now comes health care. Oh My God. This scares anyone with a brain. Washington stuffed shirts deciding our fate when it comes to our medical choices. As of late it seems that Congress will be exempt from the plan put fourth for the masses. What’s up with that.

Whether you are Liberal or Conservative or somewhere in between if you can stomach this you either don’t care or don’t understand or your stupid. The self serving politicians are about to take one more step toward creating a permanent underclass that depends on them for their very existence. Step up to the trough…it’s feeding time. The Government tit is waiting.

If your parents served roast goose or Yorkshire pudding at

May 23rd, 2013

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(Photo: Provided)Jodi Merrick (not pictured) didn leave out a

May 14th, 2013

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